4 interesting ways to decorate the empty white walls

Are you also tired of looking at the empty and boring walls at home? Do you also miss decorating your home with different and exciting art? You probably think that it is impossible to find any art here in little Denmark that can revive your home, but that is no longer the case. Below you can find five fantastic artists in Denmark who sell their work online!



If you are not into paintings, but more into posters, with energies that can motivate your day when you look at your wall, then Kasper Benjamin is the right artist to breathe life into your walls. With his photographic talent and quotes, Kasper Benjamin posters bring life and tranquility, which can help you in these stressful times, relax, and motivate to have a positive outlook on life. In addition to the beautiful posters, Kasper Benjamin creates stylish frames that you can use for his posters.

Find his art here ▶ kasperbenjamin.com/ 



Brainchild retains the works already known in the world, but gives it a twist in the form of the sought-after poster forms. In this way, Branchild provides an opportunity for all kinds of people of all ages to enjoy these posters, either in the living room or in their room. By reviving the Danish works, Brainchild preserves the artistic side of Denmark that any Dane can enjoy in their home. With everything in one service, you can easily change the look of your home. 

Find his art here ▶ brainchild-original.dk/

Christina Colorful

Christina Colourful

If you prefer paintings, then you should really check out Christina Thamm's abstract paintings that radiate with colorful shades that can illuminate the room even in the dark winter times. With the abstract paintings, you probably will not miss summer and nature, as you will already have the beautiful colors in your home. The specialty with abstract paintings and Christina Colorful’s art, decides for yourself how you see the painting and what you think the story may be behind that emotionally rich painting.

Find her art here ▶ www.christinacolourful.com/

MPM Design

MPM Design

If you are into nature and art, and miss a different motif than "just a picture on the wall", then you should really take a look at Marc's art. MPM Design makes animal motifs out of cut wood, which are from FSC-cultivated forests, so that conscience is not challenged! You get incredible beautiful animal motifs that you and your guests will appreciate. From a long term, you do not notice how the work is just made, but when you get closer, the small pieces of wood take your breath away.

Find his art here ▶ mpm-design.dk/


These young Danish artists have so much talent and history behind their works, why not start supporting Danish work? Check out these cool talents and see what you can find for your empty walls. 

In addition to their amazing works, you can follow their blog, which is motivating and helpful in finding new and original art for the home.