Behind the scenes Part 1

The frames are made of mahogany wood. The corners are sanded here so that they can be assembled and glued together. 

The frames are here glued to the white wooden background. 

They get tight here well, so the glue just needs to dry until the next day.

The glue has become completely dry here and now the frames need to be plastered.

They are also polished well by good old-fashioned hand power. 

All the many small pieces that each motif is assembled with must all have stain. This is where the antlers are The deer which is stained in shades of gray.  

When all the pieces have been stained and dried, they should be glued on the white background. A template is used for this. Here it is The wolf being glued. 

Here, all the 71 pieces of balsa wood that the Wolf consists of are glued on by hand, one by one. 

The last pieces are glued in place. 


When all the pieces have been glued on, the glue must be allowed to dry. And the day after, the motif is completely finished.