Decorate with wood. 6 Danish products directly from nature

With these 6 Danish brands, you can decorate your home, with the unique designs they make directly from nature, as well as brag in front of your loved ones, of being the first to use these unique ideas.

The cable drum

If you are very much into recycling and saving mother earth, then Kabeltromlen is the right place to buy your furniture from. The specialty of the Cable Drum is that they recycle cable drums and other wooden parts to make the product sustainable. They have equipment for the home, garden and even raw materials so you can get started with your creative side yourself. One comes to think that the design is not creative enough when it is made of cable drums, but one should not be fooled by it. The rustic look can fit into either the traditional Danish theme, or also into the modern touch that contemporary young people go for.

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DIBB Design  

Do you also have a hard time finding gifts for ladies you value in your life? You also want it to be sustainable and last the rest of her life, but of course be something she is going to love. You can find all this at DIBB Design, which makes jewelery from wood using laser cutting. The ear hooks themselves are made of silver, but the pendant itself is made of the most beautiful wood, and the design is made with so many details and finishes that it is impossible to understand that the earring is made of wood.

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Are you tired of plastic and toys that are unhealthy for your children? Fablewood makes beautiful wooden animals with a magnet! Yes, you read that right. Your child can play with these cute wooden animals, if they are going to throw the parts away now just put the parts together and vupti! Then it's good as new again, and the child can also have fun playing with the magnet part. Fablewood is behind a great and good deed of which you can also be a part. When buying a wooden animal, Fablewood plants 5 trees. See more on their page, and integrate your child already at a young age in donation and save the world.

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Do you also always have trouble finding unique gifts where it involves wood? Are you creative and know how you want your design to look, but are lazy to craft, then do not worry anymore. Now you can design and choose the motif you have in mind on a piece of wood where Skovgaarden is responsible for the carving. The laser cut gives a clean finish that you can not help but touch and attracts curious eyes. You can look at the cool examples they already have on their page, and get ideas for your next special day or gift.

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If you want a different touch in your home, but it has to be modern and not boring, then WoodUpp is what you are looking for. WoodUpp makes acoustic panels in wood that make the sound better and the look in your home will be different than what you normally find in Danish homes. WoodUpp also uses sustainable wood and supplies the acoustic panels in different colors so you can play with the decor. If it is not for the home, but for your business that you want to make modern and attractive to customers, WoodUpp also helps there.

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Do you want a table that is stylish and made from scratch by a carpenter? Kærbygård is a family carpentry company that makes plank tables, where you can choose what kind of wood and look it should have. The shiny look of the table gives an elegant look that can fit into the large family, but at the same time the handiwork of the table gives a high end look, which can make your friends drool over the clean finish. If it is not a table you have in mind but another project you want to have made, then Kærbygård is ready to get started with making your project.

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