Replant Art gets investor on board

There are a lot of new and exciting things happening in Replant Art at the moment. There is a new name, I have hired my first employee and got an investor on board the company. The new investor is Magnus Kjøller Holding, who will contribute with know-how and many years of experience in growing companies. 

Replant Art og Magnus Kjøller Holding
"Everyone now knows that you have to take responsibility for your business. But that
is nevertheless impressive that Marc Prehn-Mehlsen at the head of one
sole proprietorships work so dedicated to not “just” being CO2 neutral,
but actually go in plus with its climate accounts and inspire others to do so
same. Respect for that! " says Magnus Kjøller.
"It is crucial to have a solid investor on board so that we can take production and the company to the next step. After three years of solo travel, I have finally hired
my first employee in the workshop and it makes a huge difference "says
entrepreneur and artist, Marc Prehn-Mehlsen, founder of Replant Art.
Magnus Kjøller Holding has contributed capital and know-how to more than 50 startups. We are investing in green innovation and sustainability more than ever, it says.
"Now we are looking forward to joining the growth journey in Replant Art, and we are open
towards new investments in sustainable startups " says Magnus Kjøller.